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You can also ask your guests to donate to your event by text.

We’ve set up a special text code so we can see how much our Meet and Eat fundraisers are giving. It’s so simple. To donate £5 just ask your guests to text EAT to 70085. This costs £5 plus a std rate message.

If they’d like to choose another amount, then they simply text EAT followed by the amount they wish to donate (up to a maximum of £20) to 70085.

Can’t host an event – then make a donation

Fundraising isn’t the only option. Why not donate the amount you think you could have raised through an event instead?

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Please call Natalie Burchett, Community and Events Fundraiser on 01243 958 460 or email for more information.

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It has been so helpful for me, Mum loves the music and sings a-long, I can put them on repeat and it gives me time to get some house work done. It makes Mum so happy.


The Sport talk session was such fun and I felt like I was down the pub chatting with my mates, not at home in lockdown.

We couldn’t live without Sage House to help and support us with their wonderful staff.

You do a great job and I can always know that my husbands needs are catered for and I can relax.


An absolutely amazing service, I don’t know how I managed before


Strangely I came back and suddenly felt quite calm and in control again! Long may it last. Thank you for your input and help – it does make a difference.


I feel so lucky that Daybreaks has managed to stay open during the lockdown, it has allowed me to continue to be able to get out walking.


Thank you so much for the support pack for dad. He’s really enjoyed it. His main hobby is colouring so he is enjoying the different prints.