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Pre-diagnosis Online Dementia Support

Book your place in our online "Empowering People Pre-diagnosis" group

Select a date below to book your place a group pre-diagnosis support session. This session will include 'Separating fact from fiction' and 'A pro-active approach to living well with symptoms of dementia.


These sessions will be taking place over Zoom on Wednesdays at 6pm and you will be emailed a meeting link after registering. Please read the information below before registering.

This is a closed session for people experiencing symptoms of dementia or their family and carers, it is not intended for professionals and all attendees need to pre-book. There will be a maximum of 16 participants to enable all to engage. There will be an expectation to have cameras on during the session where this is possible.

We have some simple rules to ensure that the session is comfortable for all attendees:

1. Be kind and courteous, we want to create a welcoming environment with mutual respect

2. Please use appropriate and respectful language. Do not use terms or swear words that some members may find offensive.

3. This is a non-judgemental and safe open space, any negative remarks around race, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age or any other aspect of a person’s identity will not be acceptable

4. Respect the privacy of others, this is a confidential group so do not discuss anything personal about another person without permission

5. We encourage people to ask question during the final Q&A or through the chat function. If you feel you need more time or have something you would prefer to discuss in private please let us know and we can arrange an appointment with a Wayfinder at Sage House

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