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Communities are starting up their own Dementia Support Hubs nationwide

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Dementia Support are changing the narrative when it comes to living well with dementia in the UK, by creating bricks and mortar destinations offering all dementia services under one roof.

We are changing the way communities are owning and responding to the dementia crisis, by pointing to a bricks and mortar hub, with a specialist dementia team delivering a range of unique wrap-around services for people living with dementia and their families/carers throughout their journey. 

Our research indicated that services were at best fragmented, that people did not know where to go or what to do once they had received a diagnosis or if they had concerns about memory or brain functioning – ultimately people felt alone and abandoned. 

Ever individual’s experience of dementia is unique. Therefore, the speed, circumstances, and response, needs to be seamless, holistic and integrated. And as well as supporting the individual, the family and carers deserve to have access to the support, advice and guidance to better navigate their journey. Therefore, everyone’s welfare is important in a dementia story... and that was the beginning of our Dementia Support story.

The Dementia Support core services currently include:
Wayfinding 1

Our growing team of Wayfinders are there to offer free information, guidance and advice, at every step of the dementia journey for every member of the family.

Assessment Service

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Provided by the NHS, all dementia assessments in the catchment area receive their diagnosis at Sage House, where they can also access support

Sage House_Dementia Support_0229.jpg

Supporting people living with dementia, carers, employers and the wider community, in collaboration with various partner charities

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Bookable weekday sessions which include, art & crafts, gentle exercise, reminiscence, music, singing and bingo! Themed events also run throughout the year, get involved!

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Dementia friendly hairdressing with experienced local stylists, and complementary therapies such as massage, bathing and foot care


Our services extend to communities surrounding the hub with regular support and activity groups hosted at a range of locations

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Providing daily respite care for your loved ones in our specialist hub. Our experienced support workers offer exceptional, personalised care, giving you peace of mind for the day

smart zone.jpg

Our smart zone provides a place to share dementia friendly technology and equipment to help with daily tasks and improve independence

Sage House_Dementia Support_0208.jpg

Daisy's Café is at the heart of Sage House, offering home cooked food, snacks and hot or cold drinks in a calm, community space

Sage House - Our Centre of Excellence:
Dementia Friendly Cafe
Sage House delivers a seamless, holistic and integrated care for people living with dementia.

We work in partnership with the NHS, County Council and other statutory, voluntary and charitable organisations from within the community - many of which are co-located with our team.  Our innovative approach brings all dementia services into one welcoming, accessible and inclusive hub that puts the needs of those affected at the heart of what we do.

Sage House offers a range of dementia specific services, from information, advice, emotional support, group activities, respite care, to a quiet hair salon, bathing suite and therapy room and an accessible community café.

The environment has been designed to minimise confusion, with dementia friendly layout and accessible, bright open spaces – forget clinical, Sage House is bright and fresh in design.

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For a more in-depth view of our offer, download our leaflet:

Dementia Support Hub Leaflet
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And organise a visit or enquire to chat with us:

Our Model and Expertise:

One of the things that makes us special is our Unique Wayfinding Service.  Wayfinding provides free, personalised support and guidance to anyone, with or without a dementia diagnosis.  The same Wayfinder stays with the individual and their family throughout their Sage House experience so no telling your ‘story’ more than once.

The service is personalised to the individual, with no time limits imposed. We are there when people need us. From supporting behavioural changes, to accessing benefits, home adaptations and help to navigate the complex health and social care system.

The Day Breaks respite service provides specialised and personalised care for those with dementia and precious respite for families. Everyone is encouraged to participate in meaningful activities, physical exercises and engage with our staff and volunteers. With a focus on cognitive stimulation and responding to individual interests we ensure we find a way to support everyone to get involved.

It doesn’t end there…..

A big part of the work Sage House does is in supporting carers and families.  Practical advice, groups and programmes, and emotional support are just some of the ways we help carers to reclaim some control over their lives.

We are also growing our volunteer Dementia Supporter programme ensuring that the wider community and public both understand and have compassion for those living with the dementia and thereby enabling the wider community to be accessible to them.

Our Credentials & Ambition

Early findings from an academic evaluation of Sage House are already suggesting that whilst also better for the “public purse” the outcomes for people are so much better with individuals feeling enabled and supported to live well with dementia which is leading to a better quality of life – all because Sage House exists.

There’s so much value in what we’ve learnt, and we want to share that knowledge so that more people living with dementia can benefit.   Sage House was always intended to be a template to replicate in other communities and we are now ready to help make that happen.


We’ve developed a blueprint for Community adoption which includes:

  • Flexible, scalable and adaptable model

  • Built environment blueprint

  • Sticky services with individuals at the heart of them

  • Partnership programmes

  • Brand, marketing and fundraising toolkits

  • And so much more


Do you want to take ownership of the dementia journey so your community knows;


  • Where to go if you are worried about memory problems or other changes

  • Know where to go or what to do once you have a diagnosis of dementia

  • Operate a Centre of Excellence where individuals have to tell their story once rather than over and over again to endless “professionals”

  • Have a safe place to go with a range of activities to get involved in – all designed to accommodate everyone

To learn more about our Hubs and how we’re changing the narrative, contact us using the form below.

Our vision as a charity, is a society where dementia is wholly understood and accepted, enabling people living with dementia to be fully supported throughout the whole of their journey.

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