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Business Supporters

Make a positive impact in your local community

Round Table Meeting for Businesses supporting charity

Your business can support Sage House and help people to live well with dementia. 


What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship is when a financial contribution is made towards the charity, in exchange for association with a particular event, campaign or service. Sponsorship helps Dementia Support whilst generating awareness of your business and providing a route to market. 

We hold events, including golf days, track days, networking breakfasts and radio campaigns with marketing materials that are seen by thousands of people across the UK.

Benefits for your business:
  • Generate positive PR opportunities at a local and national level.

  • Provide direct support to the communities in which your company operates.

  • Build your reputation as a socially responsible company.

  • Reach a potential new audience of our supporters and customers.

How can we help?
  • Identify sponsorship opportunities with Dementia Support that meet your needs and objectives. 

  • Create engaging social media and PR content to celebrate our partnership.

  • Engage the community through our events to provide an audience to your message.

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Payroll Giving

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is a way for individuals to give money to a charity without paying tax on it. An employer sets up the scheme and donations are made each time you run payroll. It must be paid through PAYE from someone's wages or pension to benefit from tax relief.

Benefits for your business:
  • Further your company's Corporate and Social Responsibilities visibility - without direct expenditure.

  • Create a point of difference for potential or current employees for recruitment and retention.

  • Provide an opportunity for your employees to give to charity in a tax efficient way.

How can we help?
  • Advice on establishing a scheme in your organisation.

  • Support to promote the scheme to current and potential employees.

  • Social Media and PR coverage, celebrating our partnership.

Corporate Challenge Events

What are Corporate Challenge Events?

Challenge events involve taking on a challenge as individuals, as a group or as part of a wider event to raise funds through public sponsorship. You can take on a challenge with your employees and ask for sponsorship from friends, family, customers and supporters. This could be Dressing Up for Dementia, a step challenge or a sponsored walk.

Benefits for your business:
  • Opportunity to build stronger bonds with your team through a shared endeavour.

  • Generate positive PR by taking on an interesting challenge.

  • A way to raise funds without direct expenditure from the business. 

How can we help?
  • Promoting your team fundraising page and events.

  • Providing Dementia Support Charity T-Shirts & Medals.

  • Offering advice on how to fundraise or get more sponsorship.

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Match Funding

What is Match Funding?

Match funding is a simple way to support and amplify the fundraising efforts of your employees. It is an agreement between your business and an employee with a pledge to match a sum of money, linked to the employees fundraising efforts. You can apply an upper limit and criteria to ensure the money is being used appropriately.

Benefits for your business
  • Great incentive for new and existing employees - demonstrating you care about causes close to them.

  • Engaging stories for your company's marketing showing a commitment to CSR and care for your employees.

  • Maximise the impact of your corporate donations by challenging employees to match them.

How can we help?
  • Promoting your employee fundraising page and events.

  • Providing a Dementia Support Charity T-Shirt & medal.

  • Offering advice on how to fundraise or get more sponsorship.


What is volunteering?

We have some great opportunities for employees to volunteer with us, including team building days, pro bono support and skill sharing. Our volunteering activities can be tailored with bespoke ideas to suit your company's needs and objectives. With just a few spare hours, you will make a real different to our customers and families living with dementia.

Some companies will pledge time and resources instead of money, enabling their employees to support a cause during their working week. 

Benefits for your business:
  • Boost team spirit and engagement.

  • Generate positive news stories about your business.

  • Use your skillset to benefit a local charity.

How can we help?
  • Identify appropriate volunteering opportunities for staff.

  • Provide all training and logistics planning to deliver the experience.

  • Produce PR and social media materials to celebrate your volunteering.

Corporate Donations

What are corporate donations?

You can make a donation, either generally towards our services to towards a specific project or staffing need. If you would prefer to make a direct cash donation to the charity, then this could be eligible for tax relief. Donations can be made by cash, cheque BACS transfer or online.

If you would like to donate to Dementia Support then we'd love to hear from your so we can shout about your support.

Benefits for your business:
  • Demonstrating your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Benefit from tax relief on donations.

  • Contribute towards a specific need or service within the charity.

How can we help?
  • Cheque presentation and photo opportunity outside Sage House or your office.

  • Bespoke press and social media to celebrate your donation.

  • Attributing your donation to a tangible project or staffing need.

Corporate Partners


We offer a wide range of exciting opportunities for companies and their employees to get involved. We can tailor these to suit your corporate social responsibility objectives, team building and skills exchange. For more information, visit our Corporate Partnerships page.

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Strategic Partners


Help us shape and form a robust dementia support strategy to support local businesses, their employees and customers living with dementia.

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