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Lasting Memory Tribute Fund

A Lasting Memory Tribute page is a unique online page where you can create a beautiful everlasting online remembrance, celebrate a loved one, and raise donations in support of their memory. 

You will have full control over your personalised lasting tribute, to cherish memories and share with family and friends.  You can share pictures, words or thoughts, light virtual candles, include details of their memorial service, and donations can be received.

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They are easy to create, free of charge, and all donations are grouped together into one unique fund in memory of your loved one. Your page will also continue for as long as you would like it to. If someone decides to fundraise in their memory in the future, they can use this page to collect donations and continue to share memories.


Lasting Memory Tributes are delivered through the MuchLoved organisation. All tributes created through the button above will automatically select Dementia Support as the beneficiary.


If you are looking for a tribute to someone special, you can search all tributes here.


Your donations made in your loved one's memory enable families living with dementia to receive vital support at Sage House and in the community.

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