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Life with Dementia

Making Travel More Comfortable for People Living with Dementia

Travelling for a person with dementia can be a daunting prospect. Here are some considerations to take before you travel.

Dementia and Voting

Everyone with dementia in the UK has a right to vote, no matter what stage in the dementia journey they are at.

How to live well with dementia: Creating precious moments

At Sage House we are committed to helping people to live well with dementia, no matter what stage in the journey they are at. If you are...

5 Ways to Enjoy Christmas with a Dementia-Friendly Approach

Find out some ways you can make your loved one more comfortable this festive season.

Can Dementia Cause Sensory Changes?

Learn about how dementia can affect the five senses and the ways you can continue to live well.

How Can You Make Your Workplace Dementia-Friendly?

Learn ways you can make your workplace dementia friendly for your employees and customers.

A Dementia Friendly Christmas

7 Video Tips.
There’s so much to consider and prepare for, but for Carers of loved ones with dementia that’s especially true.

Sleep & Dementia

A good night's sleep isn’t a luxury - it’s a necessity! Identify patterns and encourage a healthy sleep routine.

How Might Being Part of the LGBTQ+ Community Affect My Dementia Journey?

As it is Pride month, this week's blog explores how identifying as LGBTQ+ might affect the dementia journey.

How Might Dementia Change a Person's Behaviour?

Learn how and why dementia might cause behavioural changes and how to cope with these changes in a caring role.

Tips on Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe This Halloween

Halloween can understandably be distressing for someone living with dementia, here are some suggestions to keep your loved ones safe.

How Might Dementia Affect My Relationships?

Learn about the ways dementia can impact your relationships and how to reconnect.

Communication and Language

Signs to look out for and ways you can help your loved one communicate effectively.

Memory Matters & Dementia

In this blog, learn how memory difficulties can present, and strategies for tackling them.

Dusk Dilemmas... Not the Beautiful Sunset You Might Imagine

Learn what Sundowning is, why it happens, and suggestions of how to manage this and make a positive experience.

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