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At Home and Practicalities

Living Alone with Dementia: How to Retain Your Independence

Dementia may cause concern regarding living independently. Here are some changes you can make to stay independent, safe and comfortable.

How Do You Plan For The Future With Dementia?

Dementia can cause your future to look different to how you once thought. Here are some ways you can plan to live well with dementia.

Planning Your Will - A Guide

Find out why Wills are important, how to get started and how you can leave a lasting legacy.

Washing & Dressing Tips for Individuals & Carers

See some tips for maintaining independence, privacy, and routine as much as is possible to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Isolation & Loneliness

Learn about the feelings and impact of isolation and loneliness, that can come with living with dementia, and solutions to combat it.

Money Matters & Dementia

See tips for continuing management of finances, banking, and handling the cost-of-living crisis with dementia.

Can I Drive with Dementia?

An A - Z guide on driving and dementia. Learn what the law says, signs you should stop driving, broaching the topic and staying independent.

How Do I Stay Safe Online While Living with Dementia?

Learn the risks of technology, how to spot scams, and how to stay safe online while living with dementia.

How Can I Make My Home Dementia Friendly?

Learn what small adjustments you can make to your home to create a safer and more comfortable environment for people living with dementia.

Why is Social and Mental Stimulation Important When Living with Dementia?

Learn when social and mental stimulation can look like and why they are important for people living with dementia.

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