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Health and Wellbeing

Menopause or Dementia?

Find out the shared symptoms of menopause and dementia and distinctions between them.

Can You Take Medication for Dementia?

Dementia is a progressive disease, and while there is significant positive news about new treatments available, there is not yet a cure....

Alcohol and Dementia

Learn how drinking alcohol can present problems for those living with dementia and how to cope if someone you know is struggling.

How Can I Keep Good Nutrition when Living with Dementia?

Learn how to maintain good nutrition and a healthy diet when living with dementia.

How Can I Prevent Falls When Living with Dementia?

Learn some ways to prevent falls in the home when living with dementia.

How to Approach Hospital Stays When Living with Dementia

Find out how to approach and prepare for a hospital stay as a person living with dementia or carer and reduce your risk of a hospital visit.

Healthcare & Dementia... What are the Options?

Learn the healthcare options available and what might be best for you on each stage of your dementia journey.

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