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We're improving 'Quality of Life & Mental Wellbeing' ONE community at a time

ONE destination model

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Every community deserves the benefits of Dementia Support's ONE destination model

Sage House - Evidencing the ONE destination model

Dementia Friendly Cafe

ONE destination, many proven benefits

Our Sage House interim results honed in on 3 model pillars which in combination result in a profoundly positive impact on "Quality of Life & Mental Wellbeing" as well as many other benefits.


"I love the fact that there is all the help we need in a warm welcoming space."

Environment creates
a sense of:

  • Friendship

  • Atmosphere

  • Enjoyment

  • Safety


"Lifesaving can sometimes sound so flippant/cliche, but I really mean it."

Wellbeing creates
a sense of:

  • Belonging

  • Feeling Heard

  • Independence

  • Dependability


"They are superb I am so glad i found the kindness and expertise offered."

Expertise creates
a sense of:

  • Support

  • Understanding

  • Kindness

  • Knowledge

Validation by voice of customers & carers

100% of respondents agreed:

  1. that the integrated approach was helpful

  2. that they would recommend Sage House to family or friends

  3. that other PLWD would benefit from having access to Sage House

  4. that other Care Providers would benefit from having access to Sage House

Dementia Support Branded Services

Many services provided under ONE roof, where individuals and communities feel welcome, supported, connected, understood and have a sense belonging on their dementia journey.

Wayfinding Logo.png
Wayfinding Dementia Informationa and Advice

Wayfinders offer free information, guidance and advice for Carers, PLWD and the whole family, every step of the way

Daisy's Cafe Logo-11.png
Sage House_Dementia Support_0209.jpg

Bright, open, welcoming and a dementia friendly Cafes, run by a team of staff and volunteers and is the beating heart of the Hub

Support Groups Logo.png
Support Groups

Supporting people living with dementia, carers, employers and the wider community, in collaboration with various partner charities

Activities Logo.png
Musical Instruments - Dementia Activities

Activities twice daily for Carers & loved ones; art & crafts, chairobics, reminiscence, music, singing, mindfulness and bingo! 

Dementia Support Wayfinding Logo
Mobility Friendly Bath

Dementia Supporter trained hair stylists, and complementary therapies including bathing, massage and foot care

Community Outreach Logo.png
Painting Activity in Southbourne

Bringing our services to communities near you! Regular support and activity groups hosted at a range of locations across West Sussex

Daybreaks Logo.png
Women in Sage House Day Breaks Respite Care

Daily respite care for loved ones is offered by experienced support workers offer exceptional 3:1, personalised care

Smart Zone Logo.png
Accessible telephone and technology

Dementia supportive technologies and innovations to help daily tasks and regain and improve independence at home

ONE destination model explained

Model explaied

Each ONE destination is designed to be rooted in collaboration within the local community, meeting the local needs, delivered and landed by the local community mainly consisting of dementia trained staff, memory service, many sector and fundraising partnerships with local businesses, and of course the valuable network of volunteers.

All ONE destinations are modelled on the Centre of Excellence, Sage House in West Sussex, the first of its kind launched by Dementia Support 5 years ago. Sage House is agile and experimental in moulding around the support needed in the community, a model that is proving to be scalable and adoptable nationwide.

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