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About Us

Our vision, our purpose and our reason to be

Dementia Support was set up in 2014 to provide a vital service offering support, guidance, and care for people in our community living with dementia. Dementia is a complex disease with a rapidly increasing prevalence.

Our vision is a society where dementia is wholly understood and accepted, enabling people living with dementia to be fully supported throughout the whole of their journey.

The West Sussex Dementia Framework Report, jointly produced by West Sussex County Council and the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, estimates that there are currently over 17,000 people living in West Sussex with dementia, increasing to over 19,000 by 2025. Taking place at a time of significant reductions in public sector funding, this growth emphasises the extent of the issue now facing our region and why new ways are needed to provide support and improve the lives of local people living with dementia.

The results of our feasibility study into the provision of Dementia Care Services in the local area revealed that people living with dementia, their carers and families felt that navigating the complex journey created by the early stages of dementia care was extremely difficult. Interviews at local support groups highlighted the need for a collaborative service and a clear desire among those affected to keep active and remain at home, close to their families, for as long as possible.

Having undertaken the research into the provision of dementia services locally we believe that currently, it may be too fragmented and unconnected and that significant benefits could be derived from offering a dedicated, purpose-built facility that would allow all aspects of dementia care to be provided and coordinated from a central location.

Dementia Support’s plan for a purpose-built Dementia Hub is designed to help achieve the goals set out in both the Government’s National Dementia Strategy and the West Sussex Dementia Framework.

Dementia Support opened the hub – known as Sage House, on 8th May 2018 and welcome people from the local West Sussex community with concerns about dementia and memory loss.

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