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Dementia Support Pre-diagnosis

Waiting for a dementia diagnosis? We're here to help.

Due to the NHS Dementia Assessment Service closing until April 2024, many people will be waiting longer to receive a dementia diagnosis. Therefore, we are providing knowledge and support for anyone awaiting assessment.

Throughout the next few months, we are offering online and face-to-face group sessions, as well as face-to-face individual appointments with a Wayfinder.

"Empowering People Pre-Diagnosis" group sessions

This online or face-to-face session will include 'Separating fact from fiction' and 'A pro-active approach to living well with symptoms of dementia.

The face-to-face sessions will be taking place at Sage House in Tangmere on Saturday mornings, 10am. The online sessions will take place on Wednesdays at 6pm, over Zoom.

Face-to-face Individual Appointments

If you prefer you can also book an appointment with a Wayfinder to discuss concerns 1-1 while waiting for a diagnosis.

Please complete the form below and you will be contacted within three working days to arrange an appointment.

Person with symptoms
Have you already spoken to your GP about concerns?
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Carer/Family member

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