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How Can We Support People Living With Dementia in the Workplace? - Podcast with Julian Roberts

Dementia Support CEO Sally Tabbner was invited onto Julian Robert’s podcast, to discuss how we can support people affected by dementia in the workplace. Julian Roberts is an Executive Leadership Coach, whose podcast aims to help organisations thrive. He attended the Dementia Support Round Table Meeting in early April to help us shape our dementia strategy to support those affected by dementia in the workplace.

In the podcast, Sally emphasised the importance of raising awareness of dementia and the effects it can have. The more people that fully understand the disease, the more effective measures can be put in place to support those continuing to work while living with dementia or caring for a loved one with dementia. Our Dementia Supporter Awareness Training gives businesses the tools and knowledge to support people living with dementia in the workplace.

Sally and Julian also considered the difficulties that might occur when talking to employers about a dementia diagnosis. “I think just being able to have that conversation can be quite challenging because people have this thought in their minds that it's going to be received not well, basically. And I think there's lot that we can do as employers. We need everyone to understand what dementia is. We need the whole workforce.

Sage House supports people living with dementia from when they first notice symptoms, through the rest of their working life and entire dementia journey. Sally highlights the significance of educating people to break the stigma, recognising that “dementia is not the person” and the power of thinking positively about dementia.

You can listen to the full episode here. A huge thank you to Julian Roberts for helping spread the word of the importance of wraparound dementia support.


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