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Gabby's Fundraising

Some of you might remember Gabby Spandley as the young girl who completed her own triathlon in support of us last year after the one she was supposed to compete in was cancelled due to covid with her amazing efforts raising £227.85!

Well, when Gabby heard about Dementia Support’s smashed window in the autumn, she wanted to help them fix it. She held a garden sale for some of her old toys over a weekend and raised almost £50 to help us repair it.

Whilst being wonderfully selfless, Gabby is also very fond of one particular menu item at Daisy's Cafe. The toast.

Gabby is autistic, has a heart condition, and has major eating problems as she has Avoidance Restricted Food Intake Disorder. She has no relationship with food at all and therefore her mum is very happy that they have found Daisy’s Café at Dementia Support’s hub, Sage House.

But she likes coming to Daisy’s Café every school holiday, because “it’s friendly, big and bright and I like the toast here”.

Dementia Support reopened their community café, Daisy’s Café in May, and Gabby was so excited that she would be able to hand-deliver the funds raised. So, along with her mum, Helen, she came and enjoyed a cup of tea and some toast.

We are incredibly thankful to Gabby and her fundraising as It helps us support those living with dementia and their loved ones, and we hope she comes and joins us for more toast soon!

To learn more about fundraising for Dementia Support, click here, or get in touch on 01243 958460.


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