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What is Gift Aid?

And how can it benefit Dementia Support?

What is Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid and how can Dementia Support benefit?

Gift Aid increases the value of donations by 25%, so it means even more money goes to Sage House and the services we provide to people living with dementia in our community.

Gift Aid is a government scheme allowing charities to claim tax back on donations at no extra cost to you, the donor. You need to be a UK tax payer and pay enough to qualify for Gift Aid. Every donation you make to Dementia Support could be worth a further 25%, making your money and support go further.


So, if you donate £10 and tick the Gift Aid box, the charity can claim an extra £2.50, boosting your donation to £12.50 at no cost to you. So £10 becomes £12.50, £20 becomes £25, and £50 becomes £62.50... the value quickly adds up!

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Thank you for your support.  It is thanks to the wonderful generosity of supporters like you that the Sage House concept has come to life and has been supporting people affected by dementia for the last 5 years. Your kind donations have enabled Dementia Support to have a “profoundly positive impact on Quality of Life & Wellbeing”.

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