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Unique Dementia Workshop Empowers Carers at the Goodwood Education Trust

On Tuesday, 8th August 2023, Dementia Support, a local charity who operate at Sage House in Tangmere, launched their workshop for carers “A Holistic Approach to Dementia”.

As the Goodwood Estate Charity of the Year, Dementia Support worked in partnership with Goodwood Education Trust to run the workshop in the beautiful forest setting. The Holistic Approach to Dementia was crafted and presented by Caroline Hutton, a Wayfinder at Sage House, and Jacquie Pond, Learning and Development Coordinator at Sage House. Jacquie also runs Dementia Supporter Awareness training sessions which aim to make the public more aware and understanding of dementia.

The Holistic Approach to Dementia workshop gave practical advice on how to keep a person living with dementia hydrated and encouraging healthy eating, the importance of environment, both at home and outdoors, and the benefits of sensory stimulation. The support of the Goodwood Education Trust meant that this unique workshop could be provided to carers free of charge.

The session was completed by a 40-minute mindfulness session run by Jayne, a Wellness Instructor from Goodwood Health Club. A tour of the forest by Education Trust Guide, Simon Baker-Irons, was a reminder of the benefits of being outdoors with both the calming elements of being in the forest and awareness of bird song and smell.

Feedback was extremely positive; “Absolutely brilliant because of the holistic, spiritual, practical approach and attitudes. I leave feeling empowered and energised. Everyone needs to hear this.” Another carer said they were “leaving with renewed dedication to make both our lives better.”

If you’d like to learn more about the support groups and other services that Sage House offers for people living with dementia and their carers, please visit


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